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Dear colleagues,

The 2nd Future University International Dental Conference will be held in Cairo, organized by the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Future University in Egypt (FUE) in April 30th, 2013. This will be an excellent opportunity to have this international gathering among distinguished members of the dental community.

The FUE-IDC committee is organizing a rich scientific multidisciplinary dental program, targeting the latest advances in various branches of dentistry. Our program will include comprehensive workshops and live surgeries at FUE’s recently inaugurated Specialized Dental Hospital, to which we are welcoming you all to participate in, enrich the discussion, and exchange expertise. A dental exhibition will be held on site including the world’s most famous brands in the field.

We are looking forward to meet you all in Cairo on 30th of April, at our spectacular venue City Stars Intercontinental Hotel, Cairo. We would like to welcome you all to taste our distinct philosophy of dental education at FUE the jewel of dental schools in the Middle East. We hope you enjoy the charm and beauty of Egypt...
Future University a private university located at the vicinity of the New Cairo, is organizing its second International Dental Conference, to be held on April 30th – 3rd May2013 at City Stars Intercontinental Hotel.

The theme of the conference is "Pursuit for Excellence" and covers the following topics:
• Implantology
• Endodontics
• Pedodontics
• Esthetic restoratives
• Prothodontics
• Maxillo Facial Surgery
• Periodontics
• Nano Dentistry and stem cell technology
• Office & non-office based dental lab technologies.